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Studio Art Center Studio Art CenterStudio Art Center offers two different Arts Programs - Fine Arts and Arts & Crafts.  While you may sign up for Art Classes at any time during the year, our schedule is usually broken out into Summer and School Year scheduling.

Along with our Arts Programs we often have specialized Workshops through-out the year.  Sign-up for any of our programs by calling
665-7367 or 661-0562; Ask for Lita Stucky.

Workshops & Specialty Classes

For the school year, workshops and specialty classes start in September and go through mid-May, with summer workshops and specialty classes running from the end of May through early August.

Students can sign up at any time and can attend classes for any length of time.  The school year schedule is generally set to start between mid to late September, with the summer schedule taking place thru the months of June & July.

Annual Santa's Workshop, Ornament Making Project & Gift Bags Program

This Holiday Workshop gives parents the opportunity to do some of their Christmas shopping while the kids enjoy a well-supervised quality art program for the afternoon. To find out more information please visit our ♦Santa's Workshop♦ page.

Saturday Workshops

Studio Art Center holds Saturday Workshops to accommodate many schedules. Workshops usually start at 10am and close at either 2pm or 3pm.  Workshops can be attended by students age 4 up to Adults.

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This is an expanded workshop with over 40 choices for your arts and crafts project.  Students have up to 7 different projects they can create in the day. Afternoon snacks and juice are provided. Students staying for the whole day (10am-3pm) need to bring a lunch. (A refrigerator is provided.)

From Fantasy Art to Creative Crafts to Fine Arts & Painting, numerous choices will please preschoolers to teens to adults.

Please visit our ♦Saturday Workshops♦ page for additional information and the many options the student has to choose from for projects!.

Specialty Classes

Studio Art Center can often hold a special class for your group event or Birthday Party Event.  These classes are available through-out the year where our schedule permits.  If you are interested in scheduling a Birthday Party Event or special class for your group, please contact Lita Stucky at 661-0562 or 665-7367. (If she is not at the 1st #, she is most likely at the 2nd #.)

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Summer Arts Programs

Our Summer Arts Program is a mixture of Fine Arts and Arts & Crafts classes.  You may sign up at any time before summer, but classes do fill quickly.  Signing up directly through us does have it's advantages and quite often Lita is able to help you select a class that is appropriate for you or your child.

Length of classes and costs for each class may vary, but classes are generally 4 or 5 weeks long, with 1 class a week. Classes start at the beginning of June and run through the end of July depending on what your selections are. You may choose to attend for only 1 month, or for both months.

When signing up directly through Studio Art Center this is no added tax and students receive excused absenses, when you notify Lita Stucky that you or your child will not be able to attend a given class ahead of time.

Mixed Media Arts & Crafts Class for 6-8 Year Olds

Explore a variety of fun art mediums & learn a diversity of artistic expression!  This exciting Beginning class for 6-8 years olds includes: drawing, colored pencil, markers, 3-D art, painting, jewelry, shell art, mobiles, and woodcrafts.  Classes run 1 hour in length. 

*Some 6-8 yr olds may do some slightly more advanced woodcraft and construction projects.

Intermediate Drawing, Crafts & Painting for 6 1/2 -11 year olds

Intermediate artists can create fun crafts or learn to draw & paint skillfully.  As a published children's book and craft artist, Lita Stucky shares her expertise at illustrating stories and creating crafts and paintings.  This in-depth, 1.5 hour class helps advancing students develop the painting skills of blending colors, creating highlights, shadows & distancing backgrounds to make an image "pop out" effectively.

Intermediate Drawing, Crafts & Painting 7 years old and up

Advancing artists age 7 and up can learn professional level art skills in crafts, illustration & painting (watercolor & acrylic).  This in-depth, 1.5 hour class for advancing students helps hone their skills of blending colors, creating highlights, shadows and distancing backgrounds to make an image "pop out" effectively.  Craft choices are numerous.  Those who choose to focus on painting skills will learn advanced techniques for painting the fur & feathers of wildlife choices as well as sunsets, flowers, trees and other landscape elements.  Students make their own choices of what they work on.

Advanced Studio Painting for 10 Year Olds and up

Artists age 10 and up with some previous painting experience can select to paint in pastels, watercolors, acrylic or oil paints in this 2-4 hour class.  Students draw their compositions during their 1st class, which must be scheduled by calling 661-0562 or 665-7367.  Student compositions can be selected from: fantasy, nature or wildlife subjects, portraits, flowers, seascapes, streams, lakes, waterfalls, mountains or else Abstract or Impressionistic themes.  Previous painting experience is required and some teens and adults may also be participating in this class!  Students create paintings for Gallery display and may create prints of their paintings to sell.

School Year Arts Programs

For the school year, classes start in September and go through mid-May.  Students can sign up at any time and can attend classes for any length of time.  Most of the year we have at least 1 adult art class.  Adults are also encouraged to attend any portion of the 4 hour workshop we hold on Saturdays. Older teenagers are welcome to attend any of our adult classes.

Call Lita at 665-7367 or 661-0562 if you are interested in taking classes during this school year!

Please keep in mind that all of our classes are kept small, 3 to 6 students for fine arts classes and Arts & Crafts.  While most Art supplies are included in the cost of our classes, painting students provide their own canvas boards (at cost of approximately $1-$2 each).  And some of the larger more pricey craft items to paint have a small charge also (generally, 50 cents to $5).  All paints, brushes, water bins, paper, art mediums, and most craft supplies are provided by the studio and are included in the tuition cost.

To inquire into any of our Programs, please call 661-0562 or 665-7367.

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